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  • Juanita (Sunday, May 31 15 05:09 pm EDT)

    Chris, I can't contact you via a guestbook entry but if you would like to e-mail me via the Contact tab at the top of the page, that will go to my email and we can discuss what I have available at
    this time. Juanita

  • Chris Wagner (Saturday, May 30 15 11:54 am EDT)

    Hi, my name is Chris Wagner. I am interested is purchasing a baby Chinchilla. Do you have any babies available or any litters due?

  • Kelly (Tuesday, January 07 14 01:27 pm EST)

    I am so pleased with my mosaic female Pearl and my Dark Ebony Jett. They are amazing great tempered Chinchillas. I will be buying again soon!

  • Juanita (Monday, October 14 13 09:45 am EDT)

    Kaliska - anyone can enter a chin in a show. Whether it is just for fun and you want comments on your pet or if you are a serious breeder. There are two types of shows, MCBA and ECBC. You can go to
    either of their websites and the rules and show etiquette are posted there, as well as locations and dates of future shows. I have links to both organizations' websites on my Link page.

  • Kaliska (Wednesday, October 09 13 06:54 pm EDT)

    I have an albino chinchilla named Marley and I was wondering are these shows enter able

  • Stacey Williams (Thursday, July 25 13 09:33 pm EDT)

    I am thankful to have gotten in contact with Juanita! She is full of knowledge and always has helpful insight! I bought a chin from her and "Whisper" has been a wonderful addition to our home! She is
    beautiful and has great temperament! Thank you Juanita and good luck with your new site... it looks great!

  • Brooklyn The Great (Wednesday, July 24 13 04:46 pm EDT)

    By next year I hope to get a male pair from here. :-)

  • Eeva (Monday, July 01 13 07:29 am EDT)

    Greetings from Finland. :-)
    You're chinchillas were really nice.

  • Liz (Saturday, February 09 13 09:36 am EST)

    Love the new website! Every Chinchilla I have gotten from you has been outstanding in both conformation AND personality.

  • Jessica Olson (Zoaea) (Tuesday, February 05 13 07:58 pm EST)

    Beautiful site, beautiful chinnies. =D

  • Andy (Tuesday, February 05 13 12:48 pm EST)

    Now we just need to set up the database.

  • Denise (Sunday, February 03 13 09:54 pm EST)

    Great Start! Good Luck!

  • Rhonda Fiffik (Sunday, February 03 13 07:10 pm EST)

    LOOOOOOVE your new website! Your chinnies are awesome just like you!